Week 6: Final Project

Alright… can you believe it?! We are approaching the end of Course 1. This week we will wrap up Course 1 and you will post your Final Project idea on your blog. Reminder, you are NOT required to complete the unit before the end of this course. Remember this is an iterative process and this is your first attempt to redesign based on what you have been learning in COETAIL. It’s a great chance for you to gather feedback from other cohort members as they view your project thought different lenses. I am excited for you all because you have been giving each other such well thought out and valuable feedback and I know this will provide you with great food for thought. If you think you are not going to be able to post your final project by the end of the week please contact me as soon as you can so we can work together to make a plan.

Some of you have pointed out that to get the most out of the final project you would like to modify certain aspects to tailor it a bit to work better for your particular setting. I am completely OK with this but please let me know your thoughts before hand so I have an understanding of your motivations and thoughts behind the modifications. This also provides me with an opportunity to dialogue with you and helps me to understand your situation better. 🙂

Great job replying to last weeks blog post everyone! If you have a moment pop in and take a look at what your cohort members have to say and perhaps add a bit more to the conversation.

jeff and benI’m in Seattle this week working with Jeff Utecth and the teachers of Marysville School District for the next couple weeks. We’ve been talking with each other about how awesome you guys are and how much we’ve enjoyed reading your blog posts over the last five weeks!

I’m going to add another post later in the week with a bit of geeky stuff that may help to smooth your workflow.

Thank you all for your contributions and don’t forget to check out all the great comments to last weeks post!

4 thoughts on “Week 6: Final Project

  1. Hi all,

    Does anyone have any tips for eliminating spam words from comments? Twice now, I have tried to post a comment and have been blocked due to too many spammy words. I’ve checked numerous word lists, removed all possible spam words, removed links, taken out numbers, and still I can’t leave a post. This has now sucked a few hours of my time and I’m frustrated. If anyone has any tips for getting around this, I will be eternally grateful if you share them. Also, has anyone else encountered this problem?



    1. Ahh! I know it’s super frustrating Jennifer! I know that using acronyms in addition to all caps (like coetail) sometimes sets off the alarm bells. On our car ride home today Jeff showed me how to add you to a “safe list” that I wouldn’t have to moderate so I hope that helps! Try posting again and see if it still gives you problems. Fingers crossed!

  2. Thank you, Ben! I decided to transfer my comment to a google doc, then link the doc in the comment section of Amber’s post. At least I learned how to add a link to a comment! Hopefully it will be easier now that I am added to a safe list. I’ll try not to use acronyms or all caps in the future. I’ll try posting again.

    1. Great work around to the spammy problem! It’s frustrating but we stop roughly 5,000 spam comments a week. There is no perfect system but I’d rather catch a couple that aren’t spammy then allow all those spammers on our site. It’s a constant battle for sure.


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